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What We Do

Here at Allens Farm, East Sussex, we run a flock of Suffolk, Romney, and Cheviot Mule sheep, as well as a herd of beautiful Sussex cattle. 

Our farm year begins full steam ahead in March when we calve our herd of 40 cattle, then we outdoor lamb our 500 ewes in April. There is no rest for the wicked as we then jump straight into silage and hay making, muck spreading, harvest then drilling. We also put our breeding bull back in with our cows ready for calving the following year. It's then time for weaning, worming and shearing, followed by getting our lambs off to market.


After a very busy Spring/Summer, we begin our farm maintenance work in early Autumn. This includes fencing, cleaning machinery, barn upkeep and much more! All this is finished just in time for us to put our rams back in with our ewes in November, ready for them to lamb next April.


After Christmas we clean and disinfect out all our barns as the countdown to our new farm year begins when calving starts again in March!! 


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About Us

Flic and Chop relocated to Five Ashes, East Sussex in 2010, after over 20 years of vegetable farming in Kent.


They decided to turn their hand to livestock farming, something they had always longed to do. They started a herd of Sussex cattle and mixed breed ewes on Allens Farm.

Over a decade of hard work, they have decided it's time to look forward to their retirement. 


Richard and Carly moved to the farm in 2020 after a 6 year stint in the ‘big smoke’ but their new goal is to keep the family farm running. So, they are now spending the next few years learning from Flic and Chop's experience, whilst coming up with fresh ideas. Flic and Chop are now easing into their well-earned retirement.


As well as this, they want to encourage public awareness of farming, and the positives it can bring to the countryside.

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